Window Wonderland

This year I decided to create my own holiday windows after being disappointed by the Macy’s State Street Chicago rehash of their 2016 holiday windows. In this mini-doc, Enero from beautifully captured the creation process and the final window unveiling. My intention is/was to bring some joy and magic to all who pass by. I hope this video delights and inspires you this holiday season. This project is very special to me. Please share.

Candy Cane Vase

If you’re looking for a quick, festive and inexpensive centerpiece for the holidays, this candy cane vase DIY is perfect for you! It’s so easy to throw together. First, wrap around the top and bottom of a cylinder vase (or jar) that is slightly smaller than a candy cane with double sided tape. Then, place a rubber band around the center of the jar. Begin placing cane canes underneath the rubber band and pushing them […]

Bling Lollipops

It’s the holidays! Bring on the bling with these gem covered lollipops. Aren’t they delicious?! First, trace a circle onto a piece of foam board. I traced around a salad plate. I saved some money on my foam board by picking it up from the dollar store. Carefully cut out the circle using an utility knife. Mark the center with a pencil. Use the center point as a guide to draw on candy swirls. Try […]

Peace Sign Wreath

I’ve been wanting to make a peace sign wreath for awhile. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. This project is extremely inexpensive and easy to make. When I spotted these two faux pine wreaths at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, I  knew this would be the perfect project to kick off my Christmas posting. I  picked up a 15in wreath and a 18in one. Using a pair of wire cutters, I cut […]

Autumn Doormat

I wanted a new doormat to welcome guests during autumn. I love a DIY doormat. One of the very first projects I created on this blog was a Personalized Doormat. They’re easy to decorate and a wonderful way to personalize your entryway. I picked up this natural tan mat from my local hardware store. You can also give a worn out existing mat a facelift using this technique. First, I spray painted it gold. After the gold […]

Candy Wrapper Cart

Save those Halloween candy wrappers! You’ll need them for this DIY cart. Luckily, I have a friend on the inside who scored me these Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers. This wheeled cart is perfect for Halloween, but with different styling can be used year round. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see the cart decked out this way. Ok, friends, I must admit this project is a little more complex and […]

Candy Corn Pingpong Ball Art

I don’t like the way candy corn tastes, but I love the way it looks. That’s why I made this candy corn inspired art piece. It’s the perfect compliment to my Candy Corn Topiaries. My friends like to give me odds and ends to craft with. I inherited the colored pingpong balls used in this project that way. You can find them online fairly easily with a simple Google search. The amount needed depends on the […]