Ice Wreath

January can be so blah. The holidays have come and gone. Here in the midwest, Spring feels like it may never return. I say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” Below you will find instructions to create a simple and beautiful ice wreath.
Supplies needed to make this Ice Wreath:
Bundt Pan
  Evergreen Tree Clippings
  Burlap Ribbon
First, start by placing 1 inch of water inside the bundt pan. Add a handful of cranberries, orange and/or lemon slices and tree trimmings.
Freeze overnight.
Freezing the first layer will later ensure the front of your wreath will look its best. Some items float.


Remove from freezer. Next, add additional cranberries, oranges and/or lemons and tree trimmings. Fill remainder of bundt pan with water. Freeze overnight.
Remove bundt pan from freezer and carefully unmold wreath by placing bundt pan under warm water. Loop burlap ribbon through center of wreath, knot and hang outdoors.
Voila! A beautiful ice wreath for your outdoor decor! I recommend not hanging this on your front door, as it will eventually melt. This ice wreath looks beautiful hanging from a tree or on a gate/fence.
I made a collection of ice wreaths to hang on my fence. The center wreath was created using only tree trimmings. You can customize your own wreath any way you like.


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  1. These wreaths are gorgeous !!! You have wonderful ideas and show so many wonderful things…..thank you !! Love seeing them all.

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