Personalized Doormat

I think doormats make wonderful housewarming gifts. Handmade personalized doormats make even better gifts!  I customized the one you’ll find towards the bottom of this posting with a street address. Another idea is to use initials. Heck, customize it anyway you like!
I picked up this doormat at my local hardware store. Pretty boring, huh? With a handful of supplies and minimal time, you can turn this bore into a beauty.
Supplies needed:
Natural Tan Doormat
Acrylic Paint
Stencil Template
Ruler (useful for stencil placement)
This project doesn’t require much of a tutorial, but heres a few steps and a couple tips.
1. Place stencil(s) in desired position.
2. Secure with tape.
3. Paint (I found stippling works best).
4. Carefully remove stencil(s).


Your friends will appreciate your creativity when you present them with this thoughtful gift.
A friend of mine requested I make him one (pictured above) with his apartment number on it because delivery personnel are continually having a hard time locating his place. Hopefully, all of his pizzas make it to him from here on out!
 I got carried away and made this one. Because, really, KNOCK! KNOCK! WHO’S THERE?

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