Coffee Mug Holder

Damn. I love coffee. I stopped drinking soda a few years back, but coffee and I will have a love affair until the end of time.

My friend shares a mutual love for coffee and was looking for a new piece of kitchen art. So, this piece is perfect for him. Art meets function with this coffee mug holder.

Here’s what you need to make your own:
Scrap Wood (My piece was 2ft. long and just shy of 6in in width)
Paint (I used four colors. Customize yours however you like.)
Roller/Paint Brushes
Painters Tape
Letter Template
Stainless Steel Spoons
Drill/Drill bit
Pliers and Screws (not pictured)
First, I painted the front and sides of my board white.
At random, place painters tape vertically along board to create lines with various widths.
Paint between the lines of your choosing with colors of your choice. Let dry.
Carefully remove painters tape.
Place stencil in desired postion. Paint. Let dry. Remove stencil. Touch up lines if necessary.
I’ve always loved stars. So, I stenciled one at the beginning of the sign. Hopefully, my friend won’t mind.
Next, carefully bend stainless steel spoons upward into a hook shape. This is much easier than you may think.
Drill a hole into the handle of each spoon. This takes some time. Try not to get discouraged!

Screw spoons along the bottom of the board and done! Well, except for the mounting hardware, but thats no fun and I’m sure you can figure it out!

I’m certain my friend is going to love this.

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