Colorful Ice Globes

We are in a deep freeze here in the Midwest. Since, the ice wreath ( posting was a big hit, I decided to do another quick and easy frozen project.


These ice globes look so beautiful in the snow. All you need for this project is balloons, food coloring and water.

Working one balloon at a time, add about five drops of food coloring and fill with water to your desired size. Tie balloon and set aside. Continue until all balloons are filled.
Once balloons are filled, place them in the freezer or outside (if weather is below freezing). I placed mine outside on a towel covered cookie sheet for stability. Let them freeze. This may take longer than anticipated. I left mine outside for two bitterly cold days. Honestly, they could have been left out another night. They weren’t completely frozen when I removed the balloons.
Once frozen, remove balloons and place in yard. These colorful ice globes look great lining a pathway and make a beautiful welcome for guests on a cold winter day.

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