Tie Dye Easter Eggs

I loved dyeing Easter eggs as a kid. Not much has changed since then. My Mom and I used to do a variety of egg dying techniques, but my favorite was the one we always referred to as the “paper towel trick”.
Maybe you’ve heard of this trick before, but if not I’m happy to let you in on the secret. The finished eggs are nothing short of magical.
Eggs (Hardboiled/Blown)
Egg dyeing kit
Paper Towels
Plate  (to work over)
After your eggs and dyes are prepared, begin by loosely wrapping a single paper towel around your egg.
Spoon on a color of your choice.
Continue adding colors beside the last until the whole egg is completed.
Unwrap the paper towel and admire your egg and all its colorful goodness.
For this egg, I only used one color.
Isn’t the collection beautiful?
Ok, maybe it’s not much of a trick after all, but I think these eggs are swell!


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