Concrete Garden Orb

Spring is in full bloom here in Chicago. Summer is fast upon us. It’s time to once again turn our attention to the great outdoors. I’ve always been a fan of lawn art especially concrete or sculptural pieces. That’s why I’m absolutely in love with this DIY Concrete Garden Orb!
This orb looks superb in the yard! It’s easy to construct and is very budget friendly. I made this one for under $10.
I know you’ll want to make your own. Here’s what you’ll need-
Concrete Mix
Glass Light Orb (Search your local thrift store, the more ornate the pattern, the better!)
Non Stick Cooking Spray
Tape Roll (to rest your orb on while drying)
Additional items-
Container/Bucket to Mix Concrete in
Plastic Cup (used to scoop concrete mix)
Safety Glasses
First, mix your concrete following the instructions on the bag.
Next, spray the entire inside of your glass light orb with non stick cooking spray. This will help the glass break off easier when you are ready to remove your orb from the mold.
Then, scoop the concrete mix into your orb until completely full. Shake the orb as you fill to help settle the concrete. The orb will begin to get heavy quickly. It may be helpful to place it on your tape roll while filling.
Once filled, leave the orb on your tape roll and let dry. I let mine dry for five days. Perhaps, a little too long, but I wanted to make sure it was completely set.


Here’s the fun part! Gently use a hammer and break off the glass. You’ll want to wear protective eyewear and gloves. This whole project can be a little messy. I recommend doing all of the above steps outside.
I’m so pleased with the results. I’m thinking of making a few more. A set of three would be lovely. I hope you are feeling inspired. Happy Spring!

7 thoughts on “Concrete Garden Orb

  1. Mark: this is amazing. You sacrificed a beautiful glass vase thingie to make a concrete sculpture. How clever and interesting!

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