Glass Marble Magnets

I’ve been on a magnet making kick lately. I recently made some Washi tape clothespin magnets ( and today I made a few sets of glass marble magnets.
Isn’t this Spring inspired set terrific? The possibilities are endless when constructing these!
These adorable magnets are incredibly easy to make and don’t require much assembly time.
Clear Flat Glass Marbles
Glue Gun/Sticks
Mod Podge
Foam/Paint Brush
Circular Magnets (smaller than the flat glass marbles)
Magazine Clippings
Start by rummaging through your magazines and finding small images that will show through the glass nicely. Once your image has been selected, trace a circle onto it around the glass marble. Cut out the image just inside your traced lines.
Next, apply Mod Podge on the flat side of your glass marble.
Then, place your circle cutout onto the Mod Podge with your selected image face down. Smooth down your image pressing out any excess Mod Podge. Don’t worry it dries clear!
Dab some hot glue onto one side of your magnet.


Finally, adhere the magnet to your glued down image.
That’s it! Stick them on the fridge or any magnetic surface you desire!
These look great in sets. Check out the other varieties I made below.


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