Mother’s Day Mason Jar Vase

With a Mom visit planned for tomorrow, I wanted to have some fresh flowers in the house. I thought it’d be cute to take a few extra steps and personalize a container to hold the floral.
Here’s what I created with supplies I had in the “craft closet”. I think it turned out adorable and hope Mom does too.
Mason Jar
Burlap Ribbon
Fluorescent Pink Mason Twine
Scrapbooking Paper
Hot Glue/Gun
First, I folded my burlap ribbon in half. You may not need to do this depending on the size of your ribbon. I just liked the way it looked when folded.


Adhere one end of your burlap ribbon to the backside of your jar with hot glue. Be careful! It’s called hot glue for a reason!
Wrap the burlap ribbon tightly around the jar. Hot glue down the other end. Cut off any excess ribbon.


Repeat the same process with your mason twine. Wrap the mason twine around as many times as you see fit.
Next, on the back side of my scrapbooking paper I traced and cut out two letter M’s and a heart.
Hot glue the pieces down to the front side of your project. Fill with water and Mom’s favorite flowers and you’re finished!


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