Ladybug Rocks

My home is filled with found art, handmade creations and everywhere you turn there’s a touch of silliness. I bring this sense of whimsy to my outdoor spaces as well. Amongst my flowers, you’ll find lots of accents including a plastic flamingo, a garden gnome and a wire sculpture an ex made of a ballerina. I know this sounds crazy, but I promise you its controlled chaos.
To add some more friends to the outdoor party, I crafted up a few ladybug rocks.
These cuties have made themselves right at home amongst the flowers on my back porch. Perhaps, you’re a little like me and want a few ladybugs to liven up your outdoor space. If so, read on. You’re just 7 easy steps away from having a family of your own!
Here’s what you need to get started-
Oval, Flat Rocks (I bought a bag at the craft store)
Red, White and Black Outdoor Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Brushes (in various sizes)
Q-tip (not pictured, but do you really need a visual?)
1. Paint top and sides of rock with red paint. It took me quite a few coats to get full coverage. Fortunately, the paint dries quickly, but this step took longer than anticipated.
2. At the wider end of your rock, paint a black line across your rock to mark off the head of your ladybug. Then, fill in with black paint.
3. Paint a black line down the center of your rock starting at the head and continue to the end of your rock.
4. Paint a small black half circle at the end of your rock.
Now, it’s time to add the spots! I found that a Q-tip is the perfect tool for this.
5. Using a Q-tip create spots on both sides of your center line.
6. Using the other end of your Q-tip, dot on two white circles on the head of your ladybug for the base off the eyes.
7. Finally, using a fine tipped paint brush, place one small black dot on each eye.
By the time I finished writing this post, my ladybug clan found a new spot by my concrete garden orb. If you like the orb as much as they do, learn how to make one for yourself here-

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