Clothespin Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
In this case, it’s the mirror itself! I mean, look at this beauty! This Clothespin Mirror is tres chic!
In addition to looking great, this project is budget friendly and super easy to construct.
Ok, you should make your own.
Supplies needed:
Clothespins (I used 46. I bought a bag of 48 at Michaels.)
Acrylic Paint
7in Round Mirror
Glue Gun/Sticks
Foam Brush


First, on one side, using a foam brush paint the top portion of all of your clothespins with acrylic paint.  I love this Aqua color.
Let dry. Add a second coat of paint if needed.
Once all of the clothespins are dry, it’s time to attach them to your mirror. The best way to do this is to find another circular item (lid, plate, etc.) in your home that is slightly smaller than your mirror to act as a guide when placing your clothespins. I am using the lid to a coffee container.
Place your circular item in the center of your mirror. I attached a piece of tape to the lid to help keep it in place.
Ok, let’s get these clothespins on that mirror! Start by applying a small dab of hot glue inside the opening of a clothespin and clip it onto the mirror.
Repeat this step one clothespin at a time. Be sure to follow your circular guide.
Continue this process all the way around the mirror until complete. To hang, either glue a picture hook to the back of the mirror or place a piece of twine inside of one of your clothespins before glueing it to the mirror and then tie the ends in a knot.
So much style for so little effort! If you like this clothespin craft, check out my Washi Tape Clothespin Magnets (
I’d love to see your projects! If you’ve made anything featured on the blog, please send photos to

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