Flamingo Theme Party

As a final farewell to Summer and because my birthday needed a theme, I recently threw a flamingo (yes, flamingo) themed party. Throwing a theme party gave me a great excuse (not that I needed one) to make some decor.
With a mix of handmade and some store bought items, I think the overall look was a success.
  I added this inexpensive tinsel flamingo to my existing door wreath to greet guests and give them a little taste of what they were in for.
 These flamingos were super easy to make. I made five for under $6. Placing them throughout the party areas gave a lot of impact for little buck.
 Ok, the bathroom may not really be a party area. However, I couldn’t resist throwing a few of my feathered friends in the tub!
 I cut the body out of neon pink poster board
and the feet and beak out of neon yellow and glued the pieces together with a glue stick. I gave them a little personality by drawing on various eye designs with a black permanent maker.
 These fringed garlands were a big hit.
 I made them from 54in x 108in plastic table cloths that I picked up at the dollar store.
 Here’s how:
 First, unfold the table cloth.
Then, cut it lengthwise into four equal strips.
 Fold each of the four strips in half, lengthwise.
 Finally, using scissors or a box cutter cut equal strips about an inch from the folded edge. Hang and enjoy!
 Plastic tablecloths are also great for swagging. This swag helped carry the party color scheme outdoors.
 These silly inflatable flamingos helped too.
 Placing pink flowers throughout the house also helped in furthering the theme. These gladiolas made a statement in the entryway.
 Although carnations are often frowned upon, I find them beautiful in mass and think they worked perfectly for this event. Like those coasters? Learn how to make them here- http://slumberingalligator.com/2015/08/popsicle-stick-pallet-coasters.html
 I loved how this flamingo centerpiece turned out!
 The construction was similar to making a piñata. But, instead of hanging and filling with candy, I used dowels for legs and placed her in a floral arrangement. To learn how to make a piñata check out my heart shaped piñata posting (http://slumberingalligator.com/2015/01/heart-shaped-pinata.html).
 The party was a success. I hope these photos have you feeling inspired to throw a theme party. Be it flamingos or something else!
 Flappy Birthday to me!

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