Day of the Dead Skulls

Project construction rolls on for the upcoming Dinner of the Dead at Sauce and Bread Kitchen. See previous post for full details here-
I constructed 20 of these Day of the Dead skulls to be placed on the tables. I absolutely love how they turned out. Heres a quick overview of the process.
I picked up plastic skulls from Dollar Tree. A one dollar skull- you can’t beat that!
First, I applied four coats of white acrylic paint with a foam brush to completely cover each skull. Yes, four. It definitely took more coats than I had anticipated!
Then, using acrylic paint, I painted on black circle eye sockets.
Next, I drew upside hearts for the noses using a black paint pen. Paint pens are my new favorite tool! I used Sharpie brand. According to the folks at Michaels, these are the best. I later colored in the noses.
Using black acrylic paint, I painted a line between its existing teeth for the mouth.
Finally, accessorize!  I hot glued on gems in the eye sockets and other various spots and drew on designs with an array of paint pens. Get creative!
 If you make a Day of the Dead skull or any of the projects on this blog, please share them with me at

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