Moroccan Ornaments

Ornament prep is well underway for the first Christmas tree I’ll be decorating this season. Although, I hate giving away a theme before the big reveal, there’s no way not to spill the beans on this one.
These DIY Moroccan Lanterns that I’ll be using as ornaments are a dead giveaway that the first tree of this season will be…you guessed it, MOROCCAN!
These beauties were super simple to make. Initially, I was going to buy mason jars and paint the insides with glass paint, but then Michaels craft store had these tinted mason jar glasses and saved me a step! The only other item needed for this project is gold glitter puff paint.
After searching the Internet for some Moroccan pattern inspiration, I begin working on my design. Remove the lid and straw and begin painting below the lip of the jar. There’s no set rules here, I used a loose interpretation of what I found online. If you make a mistake or stick your hand in a previous painted area, just use a damp paper towel to remove your oops before the paint dries.
After your design is completed, let it dry for at least four hours.
Since my lanterns will be used as ornaments, I created a hanger out of two gold pipe cleaners. Wire could also be used.
I wanted to add a little more bling to these gold glitter ornaments that will also adorn the Moroccan tree.
I had some gems leftover from my Day of the Dead skulls ( that did just the trick.
I simply hot glued them on and Voila!
I spruced up these babies, too.
I used the remainder of the glitter puff paint that was leftover from the lanterns. I dabbed dots at random on the top portion of each ornament.
  Then, I stuck a gem into each paint dot.
They dried perfectly and will help in adding a little more pizzaz to the tree.
I’m so excited to decorate this Moroccan themed Christmas tree! I promise to share pictures here.

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