Pinecone Turkey

Gobble. Gobble.
Isn’t this Pinecone Turkey the cutest? My friend fondly named him Trevor.
The same friend named the other one Lance. So, pictured here are Trevor and Lance. Whatever their names, these two look great hanging out in my dining room.
First, I made two legs out of orange pipe cleaners.
 Then, I constructed a head and neck out of a yellow coiled pipe cleaner. Googly eyes, a red pipe cleaner gizzard and orange beak that I hot glued on complete the look.


The body was made by hot gluing fall colored feathers into the backside of a small sized pinecone.
Finally, I attached all the pieces together and hot glued Trevor to a circular wood cutout. He looks great next to my Leaf Bowl.
This craft is a great project for the whole family and makes for a whimsical centerpiece at your celebration. Happy Thanksgiving!


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