Kitchen Christmas Tree

Hello! I’ve been crazy busy working on Christmas installation projects the majority of this month. This is why I haven’t posted anything on the blog since November, but I’m back and I have lots of holiday goodness to share!
I’ll be posting five uniquely decorated Christmas trees and a few other holiday installation pictures over the next week or so. So, stay tuned!!
A few weeks back I shared a post on how to make these Utensil Snowflake Ornaments ( I constructed them for a client who wanted a tree in his dining/kitchen space.
Well, heres the finished tree!
This funkily decorated tree definitely makes a statement! I thought it seemed appropriate to decorate the tree with items that are found in the kitchen.
Here’s one of those Utensil Snowflake ornaments. Scouring pads and starbursts made out of drinking straws add to the whimsical look of this tree.
Yes, thats a bundt pan! Why not? I love to play with scale when decorating. I put four on the tree. Go big or go home! I also made those mason jar lid ornaments.
Here’s another one of those bundt pans. A tree on a tree!
I absolutely love the finished product and hope you do too!

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