A Very Viking Christmas (Tree)

The last and final Christmas tree I decorated this season isn’t for everyone, but for my newest friend and client it was the perfect addition to his home.
It’s not everyday someone asks you for a Viking themed Christmas tree with Runic symbol (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runes) ornamentation. When I was first presented with this idea, I must admit there was some hesitation. However, after much thought and planning as to how to pull this off, I am very pleased with the final result.

Hand-sewn felt Viking ornaments and wooden country rounds with wood burned Runic symbols are the main focal points on this tree.

In total, I made 10 different Viking ornaments each with their own individual personalities.

Look closely at the reflection in the mirror and you’ll spot a brown haired beauty. Handmade paper medallions are also placed throughout the tree and a large one serves as the tree topper.
Wooden viking ship ornaments further the theme. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing pictures of this tree and all the trees I’ve posted this season.
Merry Christmas, Friends.

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