Popsicle Stick Fairy Door

Knock! Knock!
I wanted to make a simple project that would add a touch of whimsy to the garden. This fairy door did exactly that! I’ve seen these on Pinterest, in stores and in my neighboorhood. I love the underlying magic that comes along with these little doors. I decided to build my door out of popsicle sticks, since I had a billion of them in my craft closet.
First, I staggered six jumbo popsicle sticks side by side. I really like the staggered look, but your door could have a straight or curved top. Get creative!
Then, I laid two popsicle sticks horizontally across my door and used a pencil to mark off the overhang.
I snipped off the overhang and then glued the two popsicle sticks down using E6000 glue. If you use, E6000 make sure you heed all the warning labels on the bottle. This glue is no joke! I glued my door together outside.
To add a little more interest, I added a cross bar to my door.
I followed the same method. Marking off the excess, cutting and gluing.
Here’s my assembled door. Isn’t it cute?
I painted my door red with outdoor acrylic paint. Staining the door would look great too. Customize your door anyway you like.
I wanted my door to stand out and red is definitely a stand out color!
I added a map pin to act as a doorknob. A button would make an adorable window.
I pushed the bottom of my fairy door in the dirt in front of a giant old tree in my front yard. A rock path and some moss make the entry all the more inviting.
This delightful fairy door is sure to bring a smile to passerby’s.

4 thoughts on “Popsicle Stick Fairy Door

  1. I have a huge popsicle stick collection from my boys and I’ve been wondering what to do with them – tomorrow we’re making gnome doors! Thanks for sharing such a fun and easy craft.

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