Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Spring is officially here (well, maybe not in Chicago) and it’s time to turn our attention outdoors. I wanted to create an elevated plant stand to add some height and drama to my outdoor space. Perhaps, you are looking to do the same.
If so, then this tomato cage plant stand is just the ticket. Yes, the stand is a tomato cage!
Tomato cages now come in a variety of colors. I picked this one up at Aldi for under $4, but most hardware stores have them.
Turning the cage into a plant stand was quite simple with just a little bit of muscle power. Using a pair of wire cutters, cut off the three stakes in line with what will be the top circle. I held the cutters in place and wiggled each stake back and forth until they snapped off. That’s it!
Terracotta pots work perfectly in the tomato cage plant stand because of their lip. You’ll want to buy a pot that is the same measurement or slightly larger than the top circle of your stand. My pot is 12in.
The natural look of terra cotta is lovely, but I wanted to spruce up my pot a little more. So, I did that by adding outdoor acrylic paint in two shades of green. I knew I wanted a diamond shaped design, but didn’t want it to be perfect. So, I haphazardly created a pattern with painters tape.
Get creative here! Stripes, circles, the possibilities are endless! You could even turn your pot into a watermelon.
I started painting in between the lines at random.
Just following my eye, until all the diamonds were painted. A second coat was required.
Once dry, peel off the tape. I love how my pattern turned out!
The two pieces look great together. I like the contrast of the red stand and green paint.
This project looks fantastic and didn’t break the bank. I created mine for under $20. Two of these would look stellar beside a front door.
If you create this project or any project on the blog, I’d love to see pictures. Post them at

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