Potted Felt Cactus Placeholder

I’ve been promising cactus projects. Well, here’s the first one!
I thought it would be special to make personalized placeholders for my upcoming taco party.
These Potted Felt Cactus Placeholders are going to make wonderful parting gifts for my dinner guests.
They aren’t hard to construct, but the hand sewing makes them somewhat time consuming. I find it relaxing though! First, create and cut out a paper template of your cactus.
Trace two cactuses onto felt. One is for the front and one for the back of the cactus.
Cut them out slightly within the lines.
Once cut, stack them in preparation for sewing.
Using a large piece of yarn, begin overcast stitching the cactus.
Like so.
Stuff the cactus limbs with batting as you go along.
Poke your finger. No, don’t do that! Unfortunately, I did.
Keep stitching and filling until complete.
Isn’t it adorable?
To add the spines to your cactus, poke a small piece of yarn through the cactus.
Tie in a knot and cut off excess on each side.
Place in a tiny terra cotta pot and fill with mini river stones. I used a paint pen to personalize this pot for my friend Gary. Stay tuned! More taco party decorations are on the way. I’m so excited for this night and can’t wait to share pictures of the room when all of the projects are completed.

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