Tissue Paper Flowers (The Ultimate Taco Night/Party)

Throughout the year, one of my closest friends, Gary, throws the most fabulous taco nights. His tacos and margaritas are simply to die for. I like to call the taco NIGHTS taco PARTIES and Gary always corrects me that it is taco NIGHT. Whatever, one calls it, I promise you these gatherings are amazing!
 I thought it would be awesome to combine our forces and throw the ultimate taco night/party.  So, in about a month or so, Gary and I will be doing just that. I’ll be hand constructing decor for the evening and Gary will be in charge of the food and most importantly, the MARGARITAS!
I’ve decided the decor will focus heavily on a cactus theme, but today I am constructing beautiful tissue paper flowers for the night.
They’re a cinch to make!
Here’s what you’ll need:
Tissue Paper (each flower uses six sheets)
Green Pipe Cleaners
Unfold and stack six sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. I got my colorful tissue paper from my local dollar store. 25 sheets for $1. You can’t beat that!
Next, fold the sheets accordion style.
Wrap a pipe cleaner around itself in the center of your folded paper. This will act as the stem.
I added a staple for added support.
Fold in half.
It’s time to shape the petals. I cut both pointed and rounded ends on my flowers. Make sure to cut below the lowest piece of tissue paper.
 Snip. Snip.
Once cut, unfold your flower and then slowly begin pulling apart the layers.
Keep separating until your flower is in full bloom!
I love how this trio looks!
I’ll be making many more of these flowers for the taco night/party. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting all the projects on the blog leading up to the main event and sharing photos of the finished room once the party commences.

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