Tissue Paper Table Runner

I wanted to create a colorful table runner for my upcoming taco night/party. I had an excess of tissue paper leftover from my tissue paper flower project. So, one thing lead to another and…
Voila, an inexpensive and super festive table runner was born!
Supplies needed:
Colorful tissue paper
Scissors (I used fringing scissors, but not necessary)
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
3-5 sheets of 8.5in x 11in heavy duty paper


First, create the base of the runner by glueing the paper sheets together.


I used four sheets of paper to create my base. Easy so far, huh?


Next, I selected my first tissue paper layer color and cut five strips (roughly 4in x 20in) out of one sheet.


Glue down the strips to the outer edge of the table runner base, creating a border.


Here is my first layer. One layer took a little more than one sheet of tissue paper.


Using a pair of scissors, fringe.


Repeat process with new color.


Looking good.


     Continue adding layers.


For the center strip, I folded two separate pieces of tissue paper over four times and then fringed the outer edges. Glue down.


I love how it turned out!


I’m really looking forward to the party. More taco night/party prep projects will be posted soon, including those cactus themed projects I talked about in the last post!

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