Cactus Garland

Ok, so I’ve finally set a date for the taco party! It will be at the end of this month.
I know I’ve prolonged this a while and hope you’ve been enjoying the projects as they come along. There’s a few more decor projects still on my list, but I can cross cactus garland off as of now. I love the way it turned out!
So cute and so easy to make!
Create a cactus template out of scrap paper.
Trace onto heavy duty green paper.
I used my potted felt cactus placeholder template for some of my cactuses.


Hole punch two holes in the top for easy stringing.
I used a paint pen to add details.
A sharpie would work just as well.
Pink tissue paper scraps make perfect little flowers. I also adhered some flower jewels to a few of my cactuses for a little bling.
String. Hang. Enjoy!


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