Cactus Piñata/ Taco Party Updates

If you follow @slumberingalligator on Instagram, you know I’ve been creating a cactus piñata for my upcoming taco party. I put the entire process in our story and promised to share the finished result today. Well…
Here it is! I love how it turned out!
Creating your own piñata is definitely a labor of love. However, I think the final result and cost is worth it. This piñata cost me $2 to make! The cardboard was free. I had glue, scissors and tape on hand. The crepe paper was my only purchase.
This is the fourth piñata I have created. If you are interested in making a piñata, you can find my tutorial here.
In the tutorial, I make a heart shaped piñata, but the process is the same for any shape you choose.
Toothpicks made for the perfect cactus spines and the addition of pink tissue paper flowers takes this piñata to the next level.
I’m still working on completing my Potted Cactus Placeholders and have added a new design (pictured in front) to match my Cactus Garland.
The party is next week (finally, I know)! I have one more project to share before then. Stay tuned!

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