Dollar Store Foam Pumpkin Topiary


I’m a huge Halloween fanatic. It’s one of my favorite holidays to craft and decorate for. The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the cutest mini foam pumpkin that Brittany Young from Certified Celebrator had picked up from the dollar store and Brittany-fied. She inspired me to transform a few pumpkins of my own and create this pumpkin topiary.


Here’s a before picture of the foam pumpkins I picked up from Dollar Tree. These pumpkins are a great base for a variety of projects. The possibilities to transform them really are endless. I highly recommend you pick some up and get crafting.


The first thing I did to makeover mine was paint. I used acrylic craft paint.


I painted two of my pumpkins white and one black. They took a few coats. Spray paint may have been faster, but I used what I had on hand.


I used a similar method to decorate all three of my pumpkins. For my first pumpkin, I cut strips of orange neon mason twine and dipped them in Mod Podge.


I ran the strips vertically on my pumpkin from following the indented lines. Don’t worry the Mod Podge dries clear!


For my second pumpkin, I took Brittany’s lead and decorated it with confetti circles. I cut mine out of black tissue paper using a circular punch. To adhere them, I brushed on a small amount of Mod Podge under and on top of each circle.


I decorated my last pumpkin with decorative paper I had in my craft closest. I used the same Mod Podge technique as I did on my second pumpkin. I love how it turned out!


The pumpkins look great side by side, but I knew I wanted them stacked.


To do so, I cut out a hole in the bottom of the two pumpkins at the top of my stack. This way the stem from the pumpkin underneath is concealed. Use tacky glue to adhere the pumpkins to each other.


I placed my pumpkin stack on top of a spanish moss filled urn I pulled out from my Halloween storage. My elf is eyeing the candy corn, but I think the real treat is my Pumpkin Topiary!

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  1. Those are cute. I really b=need to sort through my collection of pumpkins. I see several changes in the pipeline. Have paint will craft!

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