Gilded Insect Wall Plaques


A few years back, I edited my Halloween decoration collection. I sold and donated a lot of what I call generic Halloween decor. Don’t get me wrong, I love those items, but I wanted to elevate my collection. Since then I’ve made and try to buy unique Halloween items. Something that will set my house apart from the rest.


These Gilded Insect Wall Plaques are the latest addition to my collection.
They didn’t break the bank to make and have a touch of sophistication about them. They say Halloween without screaming it and I love that.


Here’s how I made them. I picked up these wooden wall plaques at my local craft store. I believe all three cost under $10.


I painted them black. It took a few coats.


Once dry, I attached a piece of black ribbon to the back of each plaque with a staple gun for easy hanging.


Onto the bugs! I had plastic insects on hand from Halloween pasts, but you should be able to find some at the dollar store.


I brushed liquid gold leaf onto the front and sides of my bugs. I’ve never used liquid gold leaf before. I love this stuff! Be sure to wear gloves and a mask when applying it. Let me tell you- it is potent!




When fully dried, I attached the insects to their individual plaques with super glue. Super glue is no joke either! I brushed it on and wore gloves.


I’m just getting started on Halloween posts. Stay tuned for more inexpensive, unique Halloween creations.

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