Taco Party

Well, the taco party finally happened and was a huge success.


Festive. Fabulous. Fun.


I was super pleased with the overall look of the night.


The Potted Felt Cactus Placeholders were a big hit amongst the guests.


The Technicolor Cacti Centerpiece was my personal favorite decor item.


Everything really came together beautifully.


My good friend Gary made all of the food and let me tell you it was delicious! This guacamole was so good. The tacos and secret family recipe rice he prepared had everyone going back for seconds. I may have had thirds!


Let’s not forget about the libations. They were amazing as well. Gary and I are clinking beers here, but the margaritas we had earlier in the evening were muy bueno!


Nothing beats an evening with great friends, good food, delicious drinks and handcrafted decor. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful support group in my life.

I hope my taco party posts have you feeling inspired to create and come together with the ones you love.

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