Pumpkin Pails


I started working on these three pumpkin pails back in September and just now completed them a week before Halloween. So, after all that time and work, I think they are deserving of their own blog post. I’m so pleased with how they turned out. Each one with it’s own kooky style and personality.
The first thing I did was pick up these cuttable foam pumpkins at the dollar store.
It’s hard to imagine this is how my pumpkin family started their lives.
First, using a pumpkin carving knife, I removed their tops. Then, I cut out eyes and a mouth on each pumpkin. The next step was to papier-mâché the entire pumpkins, inside and out. I used small torn strips of newspaper. You can find a plethora of papier-mâché recipes with a quick Google search.
Once dried, it was time to paint. I painted the outside of each pumpkin orange with acrylic craft paint.
I painted their insides yellow.
And, finally black on the inner edges.
The last step was to give them unique expressions and embellishments. I did so using foam sheets and fringed tissue paper. I also added black wire handles to each one.
I attached them to this creepy lighted garland. I think they fit in perfectly in my Halloween home.

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