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I’ve always been fond of Thanksgiving. My mom hosts Thanksgiving most years. The food is always the highlight of the gathering. All of the relatives bring a dish and it’s one big pot luck.


When, I was still living at home, my grandma, who was in much better health at that time, would bring the majority of the desserts. Sometimes cookies, sometimes cake, but always pie. I love homemade pie. Cherry being my all time favorite. However, Thanksgiving isn’t really Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie was always there. Pumpkin pie and these warm holiday memories are the inspiration behind this craft.


I picked up this prefab burlap banner for $5. You can find one at your local craft store.


I used painters tape to mark off my crust line.


Then, painted each slice orange with acrylic paint.


Once dry, remove the painters tape. I wanted to jazz up the crust a bit, so, I added a squiggled line of twine to each one.


To do so, dip a piece of twine into Aleene’s tacky glue and apply to pie slice. The glue dries clear.


Finally, I glued a cotton ball to each piece to represent a dollop of whipped cream.


Pumpkin pie perfection!

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