A Very Colorful and Handmade Christmas

Growing up, I spent almost every weekend at my grandparents house until about high school age. My grandparents have been married for over 50 years and have had a lifetime of love that most of us can only dream about. My grandmother played a very intricate role in my upbringing and fostered my creativity from the very start.


My love of the holidays, flowers, art and decorating can be attributed to my grandma. She also used to be an excellent baker. That is not a trait I picked up on. Then, again, I haven’t really tried.

2016 has been somewhat of a rough ride for me and I’m afraid before the year is gone, my grandma will be too.

I’ve mentioned this story many times before, it’s even in my About Me section, but it’s always worth telling in my book. Growing up, my grandparents often took me to visit my great grandparents who lived in the county. Almost every visit, I would decorate my great grandmas spare room with paper crafts for various occasions. Grandma was always so supportive of my love of the handmade. It’s something that has stuck with me my whole life.

During the holidays, Grandma waited for me to help put her Christmas tree up. It was an artificial tree with multi-colored lights that had been around since my mom was little. It was covered in tinsel and ornaments my Grandma had collected for many years. It was also my job to put up the nativity and handmade painted ceramic carolers. I will forever cherish these memories.

My Christmas decorations this year are primarily handmade and bursting with color. I wanted to end this year with the biggest, brightest decorations I could. They are a nod to my childhood and a tribute to my grandmother. I know she would love them and I hope you do too.








5 thoughts on “A Very Colorful and Handmade Christmas

  1. You are very lucky to have had such a rich relationship with your grandmother. Thanks for sharing your story. Knowing the inspiration for your colorful decorations this season is bittersweet but makes the colors seems all that much brighter. Never stop being who you are!!

  2. Mark , you’ve outdone yourself!! Beautiful,exquisite and Bravo!! 🎄🙌🙌. Thank You, for sharing your story. 🙏❤️.

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