Painted Antler Rack 

I’ve had two deer antlers leftover from an installation I did many years ago. I’ve used them for decorative purposes over the years, especially at Christmas time, but I’ve always wanted to do something more with the pair. Well, finally, I did so!

The hardest part about this project would be tracking down the antlers, but I’ll make that a little easier for you. Naturally shed deer antlers are sold as dog chews. The antlers I used for this project were initially purchased from one of these types of companies. Here is a website where you can purchase your own-

Ok, lets get started.

Use painters tape to section off areas on antlers intended to paint.

Use acrylic paint and liquid gold leaf to decorate antlers. Let dry and remove painters tape.

 I chose aqua and coal acrylic paint to decorate mine. I love how this paint combination makes the antler rack feel fresh and modern.

Paint a wooden plaque in corresponding color. Attach a wall hanger to back off plaque. Drill pilot holes into base of antlers and attach to plaque with screws. I painted the heads of my screws black.

 In addition to being decorative, it could also be used functionally as a jewelry, coffee mug holder or hat rack. I love a multi functional piece of art!

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