$11 St. Patricks Day Wreath

I wanted to make an inexpensive wreath for St. Patricks Day.

So, I headed over to my local dollar store (Dollar Tree) to see what I could find. Jackpot! I purchased a foam wreath, a St. Patricks Day scarf, 8 steams of glittered green carnations and a bag of gold coins. Total spent? $11.00!!!

The scarf made for an excellent hanger. The first thing I did was loop knot it on.

Next, I begin inserting the carnations. I pulled the heads off of the stems and inserted them directly into the foam wreath. You’ll want to place them along the outer and inner sides of your wreath to get maximum coverage.

Continue inserting carnations until your wreath is complete.

Using my (very dirty) hot glue gun, I glued groups of the gold coins together.

Then, I glued them into the wreath.

Voila! An adorable and inexpensive St. Patricks Day wreath.

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