Dollar Store Flamingo Hanging Lamp

It turns out that I have a thing for pink plastic flamingos. My love for them goes deeper than I imagined and this flamingo hanging lamp project confirms it.

I should have seen the signs. I mean, I do have a life-size one in my home year round and I did throw a flamingo themed party once. Really, whats not to love? They’re pink and kitschy as hell. This lamp though is flamingo perfection.

Ok, to make the flamingo lamp, you are going to need plastic flamingos. Nine of them. Sounds expensive, I know, but it isn’t because these friendly fellows are from Dollar Tree. Yes, Dollar Tree! So, nine flamingos will cost you nine dollars! You’ll also need 5 zip ties, a drill, wire cutters, an electrical cord swag kit and 18 wooden craft beads. Oh, and a vanity mirror light bulb!

First, remove all the tags and legs from your flamingos. You’ll only need to save one flamingo leg rod for the lamp project.

Next, drill a small hole through the tip of the tails on all nine flamingos. This hole only needs to be big enough for a zip tie to slide through.

Once, the holes are drilled, it’s time to start assembling the lamp. Using the already predrilled leg holes, slide a zip tie through the body of your first flamingo.

Slide a wooden craft bead onto the zip tie.

Add another flamingo and continue the process

until five flamingos and beads are strung together. Make another set of four flamingos in the same fashion.

Once, all of the bellies are strung together, repeat the same process on the holes drilled through the tails.

Connect the zip ties together to combine your flamingo sets. Pull taught and cut off the excess.

Once all nine are connected, connect the remaining zip ties together to form a circle of flamingos.

In order to be able to hang the electrical cord swag in the middle of  the fixture, use a wire cutter to cut a small section of one of the flamingos leg rods and place it through two of the tail end holes.

Run the electrical cord swag done the center and secure it to the rod with a zip tie. Make sure the bulb won’t be touching the flamingos! Hang and light.

Try and tell me it’s not fabulous!

12 thoughts on “Dollar Store Flamingo Hanging Lamp

  1. Just revisiting this project for the instructions. I really do want this one for the patio. I have a table cloth in vibrant pinks so perfect to go with this. This is the year!!! Still loving this project!!

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