Peeps Inspired Bunny Decoration

I’m hosting an Easter gathering at my place this year. So, the decorating rolls on. Once again, I was feeling inspired by Peeps brand bunnies and decided to make these giant Peeps bunnies to decorate my mantel.

First, I drew a Peeps inspired bunny template onto some paper that was roughly the size of the styrofoam piece I would be making them out of.

Next, I cut out and traced around the bunny template onto a 0.4 in x 11.8 x 27.8 in Smooth Foam styrofoam board.

Then, I carefully cut him out with a boxcutter.


I used Liquitex Medium Magenta spray paint to make him perfectly pink. Make sure you use a spray paint that won’t eat the styrofoam.

Once he was dry, I dabbed on his eyes and nose with some metallic brown paint. I used a cork as a stamp. It worked out perfectly.

Finally, I sprayed him with a coat of spray adhesive and sprinkled really fine clear glitter on him. A yellow polka dot ribbon made for a wonderfully cheerful accessory.

I love how he and his brother look on my mantel. One or two of these fellows would look great outside or in a planter too. Just add a stake through the bottom and you’d be good to go!

Happy Easter, everyone.

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