Dollar Store Succulent Wreath

Succulent decor is so in right now, but can come with a hefty price tag. I’ve seen some faux succulent wreaths online selling for over $100! Would you believe me if I told you that I made this wreath for $26 (plus taxes, of course)?!

How? Because, all of the items used came from Dollar Tree. Yes, they sell succulents and in order to make this wreath you’ll need a case of them. I recommend ordering them online.

You’ll also need to pick up a 10 in. green foam floral ring and a bag of floral moss. I picked these up in store.

The succulents come in these adorable mini pots, but for this project they aren’t needed. So, the first step is to remove your succulents from their containers. They pull out so easily.

Now the fun part! Begin arranging the succulents in the wreath. Just push them right into the foam.

You may need to trim some of their stakes down.

Continue adding

until you’ve used all 24 succulents.

Using a hot glue gun, fill in any holes and cover the sides of the wreath with moss. This is also a good time to secure any succulents that seem loose. Be careful not to burn yourself! Ouch! 

Lastly, I added a piece of twine and a few decorative beads that I had in my craft arsenal for easy hanging.

This succulent wreath truly delivers a lot of bang for little buck!

22 thoughts on “Dollar Store Succulent Wreath

  1. Thanks for sharing… it is just gorgeous! Looks a lot like the (slightly more expensive LOL) one on Pottery Barn’s site! Love yours!

  2. I’ve been collecting them too. Got a few different ones from 99 cent, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but refused to pay over a dollar, i’m putting mine on twig wreath. Love how yours turned out. Thanks for inspiration 😁

  3. Wow Mark you already made this wreath before I sent you the Xmas tree…. thought maybe I was sending you something new, how funny. I love your idea! Succulents are so sweet.

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