Faux Flamingo Taxidermy

I had a few leftover flamingos from my flamingo hanging lamp project. When life hands you plastic flamingos, you make faux taxidermy. Well, thats what I did at least! Besides being completely fabulous, this flamingo wall art could be put to practical use. It would make a great necklace or hat holder. In the kitchen, it’s the perfect spot for a hand towel. If you think this fellow is cute, scroll down to see his extremely sophisticated sibling.

First, paint a small wooden plaque in the color of your choosing. I used Folk Art Crushed Coral paint. I love this color!

Once the paint has dried, insert a small eye hook at the top of the plaque for easy hanging.

Now, it’s time for the flamingo surgery. It’s best to put the flamingos under first and I recommend playing them jazz while doing it. Ha! No seriously, just saw your plastic flamingo in half using a very sharp serrated knife.

Apply an industrial strength glue to the freshly cut rim of the flamingo. Be sure to wear gloves and a ventilator mask if indoors. This stuff is potent!

Finally, attach the flamingo half to the wooden plaque. Let dry overnight before hanging. My flamingo had a pesky neck hole. A little ribbon covered that right up!

Maybe pink isn’t your thing? How about this beauty? Step aside golden goose, there is a new bird in town.

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