DIY Bird Bath

I recently planted a quaint flower garden in my backyard. I knew from the start that I wanted a spot for my feathered friends. I’ve been looking at a lot of gorgeous bird baths online, but in my true fashion, I decided to DIY my own. I’m so happy I did! I’m thrilled how it turned out and it looks perfect next to my terra cotta pot wind chime.

I found this old lamp at a thrift store. When I saw it, I knew it would make the perfect base for my bird bath. It’s heavy, which is needed for this project. I didn’t want it blowing over from the slightest breeze. A brass lamp would work well for this project too.

I removed all of the wiring, screws and bottom panel from the lamp.

I picked up a large terra cotta saucer from my local hardware store. I gave the saucer and lamp a few coats of Krylon’s Gloss Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint. I love, love, love this color!!!!

So pretty!

After the paint dried, I attached my saucer to my lamp using E600 glue.

This stuff is super strong and truly the best! It’s potent, so wear a mask or do it outside.

Finally, once assembled, for extra protection I sealed the bird bath with a gloss outdoor sealer. I also ran a stake into the ground and placed the bird bath over it for extra protection against the wind.

I’m not sure who, me or the birds, will love it more. If you want to spoil the birds further, check out my bird seed wreath.

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