Terra Cotta Bird Feeder

If you give the birds a DIY Bird Bath, they’ll probably ask for a handmade bird feeder.

Well, thats what happened at my place and I was happy to oblige.

The first thing I did was drill three small holes, that formed the shape of a triangle, into the sides of a terra cotta saucer. Make sure the holes are below the lip of the saucer.

Then, I painted the inside and outer top portion of my saucer Largo Blue with FolkArt Coastal paint. Thanks to my friends at Plaid, who had sent me these paints a few weeks back, I already had the paint on hand. I love these textured paints. I previously used them for my Terra Cotta Pot Makeover.

I painted the bottom and lower sides of my saucer with the Coastal color called Poseidon. This color is so deeply blue. Its the perfect contrast to the much lighter Largo Blue.

Once the paint had dried, I strung a long strand of natural hemp twine through each hole. Then, I tied a large knot just outside each hole.

I wanted to give my bird feeder a little more character. I had some wooden beads in my craft closet that would do the trick. I strung 12 beads on each piece of twine.

Finally, I pulled all the strands together and tied them into a knot. I braided the remainder of the twine and added a few more beads.

It’s the perfect addition to my colorful garden. I’m happy. The birds are happy. It’s a win-win!

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