American Flag Pick Wreath

I just had to cram in one more patriotic project before the Fourth. This American Flag Pick Wreath is super easy to make and comes together in under an hour.

I love how full and festive it is! Let’s hear it for the Red, White and Blue.


10 inch Foam Wreath (Dollar Tree)

6 packages of 120 count American Flag Picks (Available at Party City)

Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Dark Blue Crepe Paper

Wrap the 10in foam wreath with blue crepe paper. Apply a dab of Aleene’s tacky glue at the start and end to keep it in place.

Easy Peasy!

Now it’s time to add the American Flag picks. Don’t search all over for these. Go to Party City! They have 120 count packs for $3.

Begin placing picks in wreath. I inserted the first three like this to use a guide.

Then, just start filling in. It doesn’t matter which way the flags face. In fact, you want them random! If one of the flags comes loose from the pick, use Aleene’s tacky glue to reattach it.

Keep adding!

And adding! Don’t stop until you have entered all 720 picks.

It’s so worth it. Look at all that festivity.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

6 thoughts on “American Flag Pick Wreath

  1. Great idea and I imagine quite inexpensive to make. This could be easily adapted for any occasion. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. HAVE TO MAKE A FLAG WREATH!!!!! Just got introduced to your site by Beth Kingston’s post! Your artwork is very fun and inspirational. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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