Light Fixture Cover Vases

It’s always fun to repurpose an item intended for one use in another way. With a little paint, light fixture covers can be transformed into eye catching floral vases.

I found this ornate light fixture cover about a month ago at my local thrift store.

I picked up the globe on the left at the same thrift store last week. I purchased the one on the right at a small hardware store for just over five dollars. That one is my favorite. I love the center circle.

My friends at Plaid kindly sent me the paints and brushes I used for this project. I don’t believe I have ever painted on glass before and this was the first time I used the FolkArt Enamel acrylic paints. These paints are absolutely fantastic. First, I washed and dried each light cover. Then, following the instructions on the bottle, I wiped down each fixture cover with rubbing alcohol. This helps the paint adhere better. I painted the largest light cover Butler Magenta . This color is so vibrant!

I painted the globe Hydrangea. All of the covers took a few coats. Be sure to wait one hour between each coat when applying.

I painted my favorite one Baby Pink.

Once the paint has fully cured, these vases will be able to be cleaned on the top rack of my dishwasher! How great is that?

I added twine to my Baby Pink vase for easy hanging. I put a few rocks in the bottom of my globe vase because it needed some assistance standing upright. I’m considering hanging it as well in the future. The Butler Magenta vase was perfect on its own. They look gorgeous filled with an assortment of fresh floral. Now that’s a bright idea!

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  1. What a great idea! Now when I’m out “treasure hunting” I will have a reason to pick up 3 or 5 of them!

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