Shark Wreath

It’s that time of a year again! What time? SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel! To celebrate, I decided to craft up this super fun shark wreath.
Believe it or not, this fellow is constructed from two foam noodle boards and a pool noodle that I picked up at Dollar Tree. He’s absolutely perfect for Shark Week, but he’d be great at a themed birthday party or just making a splash on the front door all summer long.



Dollar Store Pool Noodle

2 Dollar Store Noodle Boards

2 packages of 3/8″ x 50′ Blue and White Derby Rope

FolkArt Coastal Paints in Seal Grey and Sea Salt  (Mine were provided by my friends at Plaid)

Paint Brushes

Black Felt

Hot Glue Gun/Sticks

Black Marker

Packaging Tape


Create the wreath by bending a pool noodle into a circle. Secure in place with packaging tape.

Wrap the entire wreath with blue and white derby rope. Use a hot glue gun to secure the ends of the rope to the wreath. Use some of the excess rope to create a hanger.

Hot glue 1 noodle board on top of the other about 6in up from the center bottom.

Draw on a mouth with sharp teeth and mark off a rounded nose. Draw a line above the tips on the bottom of the lower pool noodle.

Cut out mouth and trim off excess pieces using a boxcutter and scissors.

Paint the back and sides of the shark in Seal Grey. Once dry, flip over and paint the front.

While the paint is still wet, brush on the under belly of the shark in Sea Salt. Accent around the nose as well. Mixing the two paints will produce a lighter grey color. Let dry completely.

Paint Sea Salt on teeth and outline mouth. Add a touch around the nose.

Cut out half circle eyes and small circular nostrils out of black felt. Hot glue into place.

Cut small pieces of rope and fray one end on each one.

It’s time to assemble. Place shark in wreath and hot glue the back of his head to the top of the wreath. Add small bits of frayed rope at bottom to give the effect of splashing water and to hide bottom edge of shark.

I’m certainly ready for a Shark Week viewing party!

9 thoughts on “Shark Wreath

  1. Mark: You are so artistic and clever. Love how you used dollar store items to come up with this fun and festive shark decoration. I think the thing that completes it for me is the surrounding balloons. Looks like water!

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