Foil Confetti Cake Topper

I love confetti. It's true. Always have and probably always will. When I was little, my Grandma took me to see Aladdin on Ice and there was a big confetti cannon blast at the end. I'm pretty sure that is the exact moment I fell in love. I've seen these DIY confetti cake toppers a few places, but I just love them and thought I'd craft up some of my own to share.


Hot Glue Gun/Sticks

Parchment Paper

Foil Confetti




Object/Printed Number, Letter or Shape to trace

Draw desired shape, number or letter onto a piece of parchment paper. I traced around a decorative star I have that usually hangs on the wall.

Outline in hot glue. Let dry. Have you ever seen a dirtier glue gun?! Geez, I really need a new one.

Go over the top of the dried hot glue with another layer or two of hot glue. Let dry.

Carefully peel up from parchment paper.

Now, for the fun! Working in sections, apply more hot glue and sprinkle on foil confetti. Shake off excess. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Continue until the front is completed covered.

Flip over and hot glue a toothpick on to act as a stake. Cover the back and sides with confetti just like the front. Cut off any pieces that distract from the overall shape.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I also made this M for MONDAYS with MARK.

Too cute!

2 thoughts on “Foil Confetti Cake Topper

  1. That is such a cute project!! I can picture this on a larger cake, with the birthday person’s name or initials! Oh!! what about the initials on a wedding cake?? Oh my! My mind is going crazy over this one! Thank you Mark for a great & awesome project!

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