Patio Set Makeover

My friends at Plaid sent me some samples of their FolkArt Outdoor acrylic paints and some awesome stencil sets. When they arrived, I knew exactly what I was going to use them for. This 3 piece patio set!! It was definitely in need of an upgrade.

WOW! Upgrade indeed!!!

I’m in love with how this set turned out!

I used three different colors on the set. I applied Lawn on the outer portions of the chairs and the slats of the table. I love the vibrancy of this paint!

Geranium was used on the outer portions of the table and on the chair slats. Geraniums are some of my favorite flowers. So, this paint color is perfect for me!

Sandy Beach filled in the Ikat Motif stencil that I applied on the backs of the chairs and table top.

The stencil really ties all the pieces together!

I hope this post inspires you to create a colorful project of your own!

10 thoughts on “Patio Set Makeover

  1. Mark….that looks absolutely wonderful. Classic and contemporary at the same time. I have a vintage bench which has been painted for years but 2 new small side tables on the idea of yours that happened to match my old bench. Living in Florida now they are under the carport and are still fading. I’ll have to look for that paint when I get ready to re do them. Definitely gonna add a stencil.

  2. Love it… I have a bench I am going to do this to…….Already have the stencil….Just need to decide on color.. I like your color combo.

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