Coffee Can Halloween Luminaries

I was recently gifted a bunch of old coffee cans from a friend who thought I might be able to use them for various projects. He was right! I’ve definitely got a few in mind, but these Halloween luminaries are the first.

Aren’t they adorable? I love an easy and affordable project.

Did you notice they have marble eyes? They look so cool when lit up from inside. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this posting to see a short video of them flickering.

My Marble Suncatcher project inspired this addition. Thankfully, I didn’t lose my marbles before creating these! Ha.

I used four colors of FolkArt Matte Acrylic paint to create the three luminaries. Pure Black was used for the base of the cat and for the pumpkin and ghost faces.

Pumpkin was appropriately used for the base of the pumpkin. I also used it for the cats nose.  Titanium White was used for the ghost base and as accents on the cat. Green was used for the cats eyes and the pumpkin leaf and vines. Each can took a few coats. It is very important to wait the hour between each coat of paint!!!

Once the base coats were dry, I carefully and slowly drilled two eye holes using a 5/8in spade drill bit.

Then, I drew on each face using a colored pencil.

This made painting on the faces extremely simple.

Lastly, I adhered standard size translucent marbles into the eye sockets of my creations using E6000 glue.


I found battery operated yellow flicker pumpkin lights at my local grocery store that are great for illuminating this trio. Safe and effective! If you like this Halloween project, please SHARE. Happy Haunting!

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