Dollar Store Kitchen Wreath

I love making wreaths out of dollar store items. The supplies for this adorable kitchen wreath cost under $10. That’s something to cock-a-doodle-do about!

I picked up all of these items at my local Dollar Tree.


5 – 3 Pack of Copper Scouring Pads

1- 3 Pack of Silver Scouring Pads

Foam Wreath

2 Pack Rooster Kitchen Burner Cover (I used the smaller cover)

Red/White Kitchen Towel

Additional Supplies:

Drill/small drill bit

Hot Glue Gun/Sticks


Open up all of the copper scouring pads by pushing your hand through the middle.

Cut each one open at the center using a pair of scissors.

Then, cut in half.

Begin wrapping the pieces around the foam wreath. Twist the scraggly ends together to tie each piece to itself.

Continuing adding pieces until the entire wreath is covered. Cut a strip off of the kitchen towel to act as a hanger. Loop through wreath before attaching burner cover.

Drill small holes into the lip of the burner cover at the top, bottom and sides. Secure to wreath by running more of the scraggly bits through the holes and twisting together.

Camouflage the sides by hot gluing remaining pieces around burner cover. Twist ends together.

Finally, hot glue 3 silver scouring pads to the front of wreath. Hang and enjoy. Be sure not to be too cocky when friends compliment your new wreath!

10 thoughts on “Dollar Store Kitchen Wreath

  1. So creative….you would have knocked it out if the park on that design star show…one of the challenges was designing a room with items from a dollar store or hardware or even car supply store et al.

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