Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths

Looking for some inexpensive Halloween decor? These three wreaths are sure to impress and won’t break the bank. Believe it or not, all of the items to make them came from Dollar Tree!

For the fringed wreath, I picked up two orange and black fringed garlands, a battery operated light up Halloween lantern and a 10 inch foam floral wreath.

First, using some black ribbon that I also purchased at Dollar Tree, I hung the lantern in the center of the wreath. Then, I twisted the black and orange fringed garlands around the wreath. I secured all of the items with hot glue. Tie on a ribbon hanger and voila! Total cost- $5 (including ribbon) + tax!!!

I bought 8 glittered black crows, a bag of Spanish moss and a 10in foam wreath for the bird wreath.

Carefully hot glue the Spanish moss around the front and sides of wreath. The crows have a piece of wiring coming out of their feet which is perfect for placing them in the wreath. Place one at 3, 6, 9 and 12 and fill in with the remaining four birds. Tie on a ribbon for easy hanging. Total cost- $10 (including ribbon) + tax!!!

Lastly, for the paper pom pom wreath, I purchased 2 (1 orange, 1 black) pom pom garlands and a 10 in. foam wreath from Dollar Tree.

Open up each pom pom and then cut them off the garland strand. Tie and/or hot glue onto wreath. A piece of orange ribbon makes for a festive hanger. This wreath looks great with the pom poms alone, but I had some fringed garland leftover from the first wreath and tucked that in too. Total cost- $4 (including ribbon) + tax!!! If you add the garland, $5 + tax! Oh, if you like the luminaries pictured throughout this post, you can find that project here.

I hope you are feeling inspired to create an easy and affordable Halloween wreath for your home.  If you like this post, I’d love for you to share it. Happy crafting, friends.

18 thoughts on “Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths

  1. Oh Mark! These are awesome! I think they would look great on any door, inside or outside!! Now, I’m counting how many doors we have to put wreaths on! Bedrooms, bathrooms, front….LOL

  2. Looks like I’ll be making a wreath for my office door! Three doors into our department= three wraths! Thanks for the ideas Mark!

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