Bling Lollipops

It’s the holidays! Bring on the bling with these gem covered lollipops.

Aren’t they delicious?!

First, trace a circle onto a piece of foam board. I traced around a salad plate. I saved some money on my foam board by picking it up from the dollar store.

Carefully cut out the circle using an utility knife.

Mark the center with a pencil.

Use the center point as a guide to draw on candy swirls. Try to make the segments as even as possible.

The worst part about this project is separating the gems by color/size. I picked up a 1lb. assorted bag at Michaels for $7 with a coupon.

Apply clear gems over the candy swirl lines using Aleene’s tacky glue.

It’s best to dot the glue onto the foam board and then place the gems.

It’s time to start adding the colored gems! I started with red. Use a variety of sizes to fill in the segment.

Continuing adding colors of your liking until all the segments are filled.

Look at that bling! Definitely worth all that separating and gluing. Let dry overnight.

For the stick, I cut a piece of pvc pipe using a pvc pipe cutter and wrapped it in colored utility tape. I secured it to the back of my lollipop with industrial strength adhesive.

Lastly, wrap the lollipop in clear cellophane and tie off with a piece of decorative ribbon.

It’s going to be a hard candy Christmas this year!

17 thoughts on “Bling Lollipops

  1. Total cuteness! I love this idea!! I wonder if you used a marine type adhesive if you make these for outside? I live in central Florida and thought these would be adorable under the palm tree in the front yard!

    1. Thank you! That would be so cool. I connected the bottom of the lollipop PVC to a T-shaped PVC connector and screwed it into a piece of wood. Then, I covered it with snow. Hope that helps!

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