Starburst Mirror

If you’ve got a blank space on the wall and are on a tight budget, this Starburst Mirror project may be perfect for you. Although, its made out of popsicle sticks, I think its incredibly stylish. Plus, it can be customized to match any home. I really love the natural color of the wood, but it could also be stained a darker color or spray painted. Gold would be fantastic!

For my project, I used a 5in circular mirror that I picked up at Michaels. First, trace a circle onto a piece of heavy-duty cardboard that is slightly larger than the mirror and cut it out. I just traced around one of my salad plates.

Next draw a circle in the center of the cardboard circle that is slightly smaller than the mirror to act as a guide for the popsicle stick placement. I traced around a lid to a jar that I  had.

Following the circular guide, begin glueing down the popsicle sticks. I recommend Aleene’s Tacky Glue. I  used Aleene’s in combination with hot glue because I  wanted it to set quickly and stay in tact later. For variation in size, I used jumbo sticks for the outer circle and standard sticks for the inner circle.

Continue glueing until all the jumbo sticks are placed. My last stick didn’t fit perfectly, but once all the other popsicle sticks were glued on, it was hardly noticeable.

Next, following the guide, begin glueing the standard sized popsicle sticks between the jumbo sticks.

Continue glueing the standard sticks all the way around the circle.

Finally, glue the mirror in the center and attach a hanger to the back. I simply hot glued on a twine loop.

Good work, gorgeous! That blank wall thinks so too.

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