Chalkboard Window

When life gives you a discarded window, make a chalkboard. Makes perfect sense to me.

This chalkboard was super easy to make. I had a lot of fun creating it and deciding what to write. My friends over at Plaid had sent me a few supplies for this project that were really great to work with.

First, I cleaned the window pane and frame of my window. Then, I applied my first coat of FolkArt Chalkboard Paint to the pane.

Let dry an hour between coats. I used the entire 2oz bottle on this project. Let the paint cure for 24hrs. after the final coat. Once cured, condition the new chalkboard surface by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire surface. Wipe off with a wet paper towel.

Now for the fun part! I decorated my chalkboard using FolkArt Erasable Liquid Chalk. I love this stuff! It goes on like paint, but has the appearance of chalk.

I used a variety of stencils I had on hand to create my design. The liquid chalk goes on like a bingo dauber.

I particularly love the rose stencil that comes in thisĀ variety pack.

I also stenciled on Hello Handsome because who doesn’t love some positive affirmation?! When I tire of this design, I’ll erase it and write a new one.

What would your chalkboard say?

8 thoughts on “Chalkboard Window

  1. Re-purpose, re-use, re-cycle. Great way not to waste an old window or even use on a wall. If you are artistic you can make it look like a real window by painting a landscape in it. Paint a beach scene in the Winter and warm yourself up. Vice versa in the Summer. Use as a menu board in kitchen or dining room. The possibilities are endless. Love the Affirmation and roses too! <3

  2. This is super cute!! Sooo inspiring… love all your work, and what a great sign because you are handsome and to top it all off, your amazing! Hugs

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