Dollar Store Mardi Gras Wreath

With Fat Tuesday coming up next week, I decided to make this colorful Mardi Gras wreath. I picked up the majority of my supplies at Dollar Tree while I was shopping for my  Valentine’s wreath.

I love how colorful it is! This wreath offers a lot of personality for little buck. If you think this wreath is fun check out my other wreaths made with dollar store items- $11 St. Patricks Day WreathKitchen WreathSucculent WreathHalloween Wreaths.

At Dollar Tree, I picked up a 10 in. foam wreath, two Mardi Gras boas and a hot pink mask. I had an arsenal of Mardi Gras beads left over from my Mardi Gras Bead Tree, but you can grab these while in the store. I also used my hot glue gun and two zip ties for this project.

First, I wrapped the wreath with the feather boas. A dab of hot glue at the start and end of each boa keeps them in place.

Next, I placed my mask on an angle and secured it using its strings and some hot glue. I let the remainder of the mask strings just dangle.

Lastly, I gathered a bunch of beads and ran two zip ties through the group at the top and bottom and attached them to my wreath. The zip ties made attaching the beads so simple.

Can’t beat a $5 Mardi Gras wreath!

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